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Writing Credits

Editor: Mike Caulfield
Contributors: Mike Caulfield, Becca Berkey, Elli Caldwell, Mike Goudzwaard

Graph Credits

We have used graphs from a wide variety of printed sources. We believe that our use of these graphs is part of our fair use right, since we are quite obviously using the graphs for the purpose of

a) education

b) critique

In many cases we have linked back to the news article or blog post that contained the graph. In some use of graphs in the exercises we have not linked. This is because in those cases exposure to the story it came from might give the student too much information for the purposes of the exercise. In these cases we will usually attribute the source informally, e.g. “Consider this chart from a story in the New York Times.”


Photo Credits

We have tried to use photos licensed under Creative Commons. We are a non-commerical site. Our method of attribution has been to make the clickable photo link back to the source (usually on Flickr). Due to some careless reformatting we have missed some links here and there, we are trying to get those repaired.