How to Use This Textbook

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The first six chapters are meant to be used over the first 8 weeks of class, culminating in a mid-term project, exam, or other assessment.

The last six weeks of class are meant to drill into topic specific applications of the material covered in the first eight weeks. To help with the integration, we’ve added an appendix of different topics and lessons that can be used to run the last six weeks of class. It’s anticipated that new statistical concepts or new applications of statistical concepts will be continued to be introduced in the final weeks, but the focus is really authentic application that reinforces the first eight weeks.

Possible Schedule

Week One

Readings assigned, Syllabus, Jump activities.

Pretest given. Initial activities around QL.

Week Two

Chapter 1 due first session.

Topics: Why we compare, Fair Comparison checklist, Compared to what?, Accounting for differences, Measures of Central Tendency, Subpopulations.

Week Three

Chapter 2 due first session.

Topics: Using Percentages, Longitudinal vs. Cross-sectional approaches, Thinking Hypothetically About Numbers, Defining Variables

Week Four

Chapter 3 due first session.

Topics: Base Rates, Accounting for Randomness, Weighted Means, Standardization, Controlling for Change with Percentages

Week Five

Chapter 4 due first session.

Topics: Pie Charts/Bar Charts/Line Graphs, Controlling for Standard Variables, Relative vs. Absolute Increase, Stock vs. Flow

Week Six

Chapter 5 due first session.

Topics: Graphing Longitudinal Relationships, Quintiles, Guesstimating, Prediction and Percentages

Week Seven

Chapter 6 due first session.

Topics: Margin of Error, Cut-Points, Percent vs. Percentiles, Choosing the Right Denominator

Week Eight

Review and Mid-term Exam or Project

Weeks Nine through Fourteen

Weeks Nine through Fourteen are customized to the needs of the particular course, using a combination of original materials and materials from the appendix. In general the language and concepts introduced in the first eight weeks should be carried through where possible.