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Lifecycle Analysis: CFL vs. Incandescent Mercury Pollution

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From EnergyStar.gov: Lifecycle impact analyses, like the one shown above, are invaluable tools in making fair comparisons.  It’s easy, for example, to get hung up on the small amount of mercury in a CFL bulb, a percentage of which can escape into the environment if the bulb is crushed in a landfill. But the biggest contributor […]


Surrogate Outcomes

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In medicine, researchers often rely on surrogate outcomes (also called surrogate endpoints). Take, for example, something like heart health. We know that a good ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol is a predictor of heart health and increased longevity. So we come up with a pill that changes that ratio for the better. And […]

Question: Corporate Psychopathy

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In a widely reported study, psychologists found the following: In this study, we had a unique opportunity to examine psychopathy and its correlates in a sample of 203 corporate professionals selected by their companies to participate in management development programs. The correlates included demographic and status variables, as well as in-house 360° assessments and performance […]


Activity: Law Salaries

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The graph above shows salaries of 2006 graduates of law school as measured in 2007. 1. The study did not include people out of work. How might the graph shape change if it included people out of work? Would the median salary be lower or higher? 2. Look up the term “bimodal distribution”. Does this […]


Zero-day Comparisons

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Game of Thrones, Season 2 is getting illegally downloaded. A lot. In fact, it’s on track to be the most pirated show of 2012, and maybe 2011 as well: Maybe that’s interesting to you, maybe not. Here’s what’s interesting to me: notice the horizontal axis of the graph. What this represents is number of days […]

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3 + C: Alcohol Consumption

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Three things it tells me:  1. The vast majority of alcohol consumers have had at least one hangover. 2. Less than half of students have weekly hangovers. 3. I think that the second and third bars are exclusive and of a common whole, which means that 40% of college students have at least one hangover […]